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Investing in the right sourcing options and establishing the right connections are critical to success in today’s business world. We value strategic partnerships to make this possible. By investing in both emerging and developed countries and their resources, we can together discover and realize goals and targets that may not have been possible before. Each supplier is unique in terms of facility, human resource, knowhow, intellectual capital and experience. By enlarging the pool of different suppliers from the many corners of the world, you are in fact raising the capacity and competitiveness of your own company. So why not let us to take your business to the next level?

We are searching for partners with following needs:

  • High annual volume orders

  • Production and logistics cost reduction opportunities

  • Strategic material outsourcing needs

  • Numerous small-scale sourcing projects in short time period

  • Assembly line complexity requiring on-time delivery

  • Flexible production scheduling and delivery

  • More accurate and reliable communication with suppliers

  • Alternative supply chain models

  • Refocus staff on strategic issues by freeing them from administrative works

If your profile reflects above needs, we encourage you to contact us and explore new partnership opportunities. 

Go Team

USI Mission Statement

    “To be the industry leader in strategic sourcing and customized services joining manufacturers worldwide with Pacific Rim appliance OEM’s. Our goal is to help our customers become world leading manufacturers of home appliance devices and to help component suppliers grow together and become part of the successful global appliance business.”

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