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Our Business


Unique Spectronix is a professional R&D and strategic outsourcing firm with operations in various locations of the globe. We possess a unique history of helping global home appliance companies develop new models, achieve cost innovations and solve difficult component-related problems. This experience has shaped our mission in helping and growing with both our customers and vendors as the industry has expanded dramatically over the past decades. We maintain our competitiveness by pooling resources from our partners throughout the world including manufacturers, laboratories, consultants, trading companies and logistics solutions providers. This enables us to provide industry-specific expertise and quality goods according to our customers’ needs. Although our experience lies mainly in the digital appliance industry, we are open to new sourcing project developments outside this domain. We welcome the opportunity to explore new partnership with companies in need of global sourcing needs.

Appliance Market

Unique Spectronix mainly serves customers manufacturing home appliances. Years of experience supplying electrical, mechanical and decorative components to major customers have equipped USI with critical resources to meet the demanding requirements of this industry. We understand the competitive and fickle nature of the appliance industry marked by demanding and often erratic consumer tastes. We are flexible in our distribution efforts and can assist our customers make rapid strategic decisions and implementations. Given the fact that home appliances are meant to be some of the most sensitive human-made machineries, we employ strict protocols in our vendor selection process. This process entails investigation of suppliers’ background, history, financial status, as well as plant capacity, human resource and R&D capability.  


We supply parts used both in interior and exterior of home appliances as well as key electrical components critical for functioning of the devices. We provide a level of quality suitable for home appliances and can provide material finish according to consumer demands. Component manufacturing entails stamped, injection-molded and die casted single parts which can be welded and assembled into finished components in custom-packaged forms for convenience. We accommodate all levels of assembly process from the simplest forms to large projects involving various levels of subassembly involving a large number of tier 3 and tier 4 vendors.

The products for which we supply components include over-the-range microwave oven, electric range, gas range, wall oven, washer & dryer and refrigerator. Components we supply include, but not limited to, burner assembly, oven knob, oven grate, catalytic filter, air filter, charcoal filter, dryer igniter, hose assembly, valve tube burner, appliance door handle, insulator, oven lamp, heat-protective glass, fiber-glass gasket, door switch, circuit breaker, terminal block, energy regulator, thermostat assembly, RTD sensor, power cord, cleaning kit and name plate. From stamping, die casting, injection molding to cutting, piercing, welding, plating, tempering, brush-finishing and assembling, we know our parts well and consistently deliver to our customers’ specifications.


Fabrication and Assembly

Our production entails the most comprehensive range of fabrication and assembly required to provide flexible component delivery solutions as required by appliance manufacturers. From the smallest single components to large semi-finished subcomponents, we coordinate every manufacturing procedure including, but not limited to, tooling, stamping, die casting, injection molding, cutting, piercing, welding, plating, tempering, brush-finishing and assembling to meet our customers’ needs. In addition to single component fabrication, we are able to provide various levels of assemblies from kitting to turnkey solutions to better accommodate outsourcing projects. We handle complex assembly and integration jobs for both simple and intricate parts and always strive to save our customers time and resources by providing a one-stop solution.

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